Teaching and Outreach

My Approach

Science is a methodology rather than a mere collection of facts. This idea revolutionized my worldview. Now in my own teaching and mentoring, I strive to impart this passion for psychology's scientific method to teach my students how to think critically.

Statistics is at the core of psychology's scientific method, and my approach to teaching undergraduate statistics brings passion and humor to what some consider to be the driest topic in the major. Through this and other expreiences, I have taught and mentored diverse populations including high school, undergraduate, and graduate students from psychology, engineering, and gender studies. My teaching and mentoring activities also reflect my commitment to increasing the full participation of underrepresented racial and other marginalized groups in psychology and women in STEM.


Statistics in Psychology, University of New Hampshire

Statistics, Yale University


Gender Disparities in STEM and Strategies for Overcoming, Yale University
I led reoccurring workshops for the Society of Women Engineers that were designed to combat gender bias in STEM and attended by STEM graduate students and faculty.
The workshop featured an application of the VIDS Intervention.

Guest Classes

Statistical Power, Multivariate Statistics, Yale University

Multiple Regression, Multivariate Statistics, Yale University

Introduction to R, Multivariate Statistics, Yale University

Psychological Consequences of Sexualization in Images, Psychology of Gender Images, Yale University

Gender Bias,Gender and Psychology, Yale University

Gender Bias in Category Representation, AP in Psychology, Milford High School